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Content management site for Publishers This site allows you to personally manage the publications you contribute to the Torrossa digital library and digital bookstore. Discover more about all of our services for publishers below.


We supply monographs and series to more than 3,000 customers in 50 countries worldwide, in both print and electronic format.
Our customers are mainly academic, research and art libraries interested in high quality original-language academic publications, scholarly research and specialist art titles from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece.
The focus of our customers' profiles is in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Art, with requests ranging from doctoral theses to prize-winning literature, conference proceedings and exhibition catalogues; we also handle orders for facsimiles, limited editions and out-of-print items.
Subscription management
We handle subscription orders for almost 1,000 libraries worldwide, with over 8,500 print issues passing through our offices every month. We deal with all types of periodicals, from daily newspapers to magazines, scholarly journals, irregular publications and requests for back-issues, as well as managing orders for multimedia and online content; we currently handle orders for over 1,000 e-journals, as well as hosting journal content on our Torrossa digital library and bookstore.
There are a number of advantages to our consolidated subscription management, including:
  • simplified supply and invoicing
  • a single contact for easy order management and renewals
  • intermediary services for the handling of licence agreements and the activation of access to online content
Automatic supply on "Approval"
The "Approval Plan", used by a significant number of libraries in the United States, Europe and further afield, is a demonstration of the high regard libraries have for our specialised knowledge of the market in which we operate. We work closely with libraries to formulate a detailed profile and annual budget of the material they would like to receive, based on subject, format, price and intellectual level.
Our meticulous selection procedures and thorough attention to each individual library's collection development policy means that almost 99% of all titles selected and supplied in this way are approved, accepted and added to library collections.
We currently have 360 active approval plans, many of which with major academic, research and art libraries.


ilibriŽ - Casalini Bibliographical Database
Our extensive bibliographical database is considered an essential resource for sourcing print and electronic publications by over 1,400 academic, research and national libraries across the world.
Updated daily with new titles from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, the database provides librarians and scholars with detailed publication information.
Advanced search tools with a number of precise parameters make it easy for users to find the resources they are looking for. We further enhance the title descriptions available online with additional features that aim to bring to the attention of our customers the publications that are most likely to be of interest for their collections:
  • cover images
  • tables of contents
  • abstracts
  • thematic bibliographies selected by our approval experts
  • dedicated search facilities for Art libraries and for public libraries
  • option to import search results in CSV format
  • option to import publication details in library catalogues
Library customers are able to search for, and purchase directly, titles of interest from one or more of the countries of our specialisation, print or electronic, using the same workflows. This simplified procedure, together with a range of advanced order management workflows, is an added benefit to users.
Bibliographic descriptions & cataloguing
The bibliographic descriptions we make available on our website are produced in-house by a team of 25 experienced cataloguers, in order to guarantee to our customers the highest possible quality and reliability of the information they view. We also contribute bibliographic records to some of the leading international databases.
In addition to the bibliographic descriptions included in our database and new title updates, we produce high quality complete catalogue records to the standards set by BIBFRAME and the Library of Congress.
Our new title announcements promote publications directly to their target audience. The weekly or monthly email updates containing information on newly published titles provide links to our website so that the books can be ordered directly online. We also include first issues of new journals, in order to bring them to the attention of potential buyers.

Content Hosting Services

Technology, visibility, support
The Torrossa digital library and digital bookstore are built on some of the most recent technologies, guaranteeing a robust and stable infrastructure for the secure hosting and maintenance of electronic content.
Used by universities, cultural institutions, international agencies, corporations, academics, researchers, professionals, students and the general public, Torrossa makes e-books and e-journals available for institution-wide purchase in collections, grouped by subject, publisher or interdisciplinary area, or on a book-by-book basis. We have earned an excellent reputation among librarians and scholars for our attention to selecting quality research material in the Humanities and Social Sciences and have gained the trust of a large number of the world's most important libraries and research institutions in our ability to propose content of value to their collections.
Supporting digital publishing
All PDF files received by publishers are encrypted and archived securely in our repository, thereby creating a valuable back-up that guarantees the stability and protection of the content hosted by our servers. We also collaborate with long-term archiving organisations such as CLOCKSS and Portico, which work to create enduring archives of electronic content and guarantee permanent access to resources.
Our specialised team creates detailed metadata for all resources, as well as catalogue records in MARC format that can be uploaded into library catalogues to facilitate integration of electronic resources with library systems, and to promote discovery of and direct access to the content by library users.
We are also able to generate and supply to libraries on your behalf usage statistics for online publications according to the international COUNTER standard.

Creating Impact

Promoting your content
We actively promote Torrossa and the content it hosts with the library community we serve, using a range of communication channels. All new titles added to Torrossa, once catalogued, are included in our regular New Title Information updates, which are supplied weekly to subject specialists and acquisitions librarians, and added to our bibliographic database at
Frequent newsletters are produced to provide a spotlight on content available in a variety of subject areas, and news updates regarding new collaborations and additional published both on our websites and through our social networks.
Intermediary services and order management
We take care of relations with individual customers, libraries, consortia and technological partners. For users of the Torrossa digital bookstore, we provide a continuous and efficient helpdesk offering support to ensure access to, and correct usage of texts purchased online as well as troubleshooting any technical issues. We handle licensing and access activation for libraries, as well as subscription management services for institutions and personalised, thorough customer care. We manage the registration of institution-wide IP addresses and ranges, proxy servers and federated access models such as Shibboleth. We negotiate terms, conditions and pricing agreements with international library consortia to stimulate and facilitate sales among member institutions.

Technical Solutions

Optimizing discoverability
We employ various strategies to maximise content discovery, from the in-house production of metadata to the assignment of electronic ISSNs, DOI (Digital Object Identifiers) and the creation of permalinks. Torrossa contents and metadata are indexed by major search engines and enjoy a high ranking in online search results. We also collaborate with leading discovery services and link resolvers to guarantee the inclusion of up-to-date information for Torrossa resources in their databases.
Protecting and managing your content
We are able to handle a variety of flexible purchasing and access models, from annual licences to leasing, short-term loans, and patron driven acquisitions by libraries and institutions. Personalised Digital Rights Management settings allow you to decide how your content can be used, ensuring access control and the protection of your content: activate permissions to allow visualisation, download, copy/paste and printing as you prefer.