Established by Mario Casalini in 1958, Casalini Libri is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of publications from across Southern Europe to libraries and institutions worldwide.
We currently work with over 3,000 libraries and institutions, and more than 5,500 publishers from over 40 countries.
While the majority of the Casalini staff work from home, we just wanted to let you know that all of your customer service contacts are still available and can be contacted by email as usual. You can also reach us at
April 2020

Casalini Libri, Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel, Houtschild Internationale Boekhandel

As we all continue to deal with this particularly challenging situation, we would like to share a moment of positivity with some exciting news. Casalini Libri has acquired, along with Mr. Dirk Raes, the Dutch based companies Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel (with offices in Amsterdam and Paris) and Houtschild Internationale Boekhandel.
Our companies share a single vision: we offer the very best services to the Library world. Together we believe we can do this better, strengthening our coverage and providing a more efficient use of technological resources, while maintaining the excellent customer service for which we are known.

When books arrive

Each year roughly 300,000 volumes arrive at our offices.
The books come from over 4,000 publishers, university presses and museums.
We source and receive many different types of printed material, such as monographs, journals, essays and proceedings.
Not to mention facsimiles, catalogues, out-of-print items and limited editions.
We focus particular attention on scholarly research in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek, both from Europe and from further afield.
Once they've arrived, each volume is checked, added to our catalogue and prepared for its onward journey to you.

Library Services

From sourcing publications to cataloguing and processing, simplify your acquisitions and accessions at every step with our specialised bibliographic and technical services.

Publisher Services

Boost your visibility, increase circulation and publish securely online with our dedicated promotion, supply and content hosting services.

Digital Library

Give your patrons access to an ever-increasing catalogue of important HSS scholarly content from Mediterranean Europe.

Digital Bookstore

Buy e-books and e-journals, chapters and articles from our vast catalogue of titles by leading academic publishers and university presses.

Casalini Lab

Keep up to date with all of our latest Research & Development projects, partnerships and presentations.