Established by Mario Casalini in 1958, Casalini Libri is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of publications from across Southern Europe to libraries and institutions worldwide.
We currently work with over 3,000 libraries and institutions, and more than 5,500 publishers from over 40 countries.
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Our favourite books of 2021

Wander through our offices and you'll find shelves upon shelves of newly published books, waiting to be profiled, catalogued, selected and supplied to libraries across the world.
Look more closely and you'll find titles from all over Southern Europe, covering everything from exciting new research to spectacular art and exhibitions, prize-winning novels and the latest releases in film.
Look again and see a team of professionals, cataloguing and selecting the titles that are of most interest to our customers' collections.
But if they were to select a book for themselves, from the 50,000 that we've added to our database this year, which would it be?
We asked them! Here is what they said...
September 2021

Share-VDE 2.0 entity-based discovery platform

Casalini Libri and @Cult announce the release of the Share-VDE 2.0 linked data management system and entity discovery platform, a pioneering and effective environment that uses linked data to connect and present authoritative data from a growing network of libraries. Share-VDE 2.0 aims to facilitate the exchange and reuse of bibliographic data, at the same time increasing the visibility of and enabling wider access to knowledge.
A collaborative effort, initially undertaken as a research & development project, in 2016 Share-VDE has evolved to become both a real and effective pilot environment influenced by the vision of the LD4P initiatives for the practical application of Linked Open Data for the LAM domain, and progressively an authoritative linked data node. By implementing the BIBFRAME data model and incorporating Share-VDE adaptations, Share-VDE enriches, reconciles, clusterizes and converts the authority and bibliographic MARC data of participant libraries in a dynamic, discoverable format, providing a reliable and up-to-date source of data complete with a set of advanced tools and services that also facilitate interoperability with IFLA LRM.
The explanation of position of Share-VDE is outlined in the Share-VDE Statement.

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