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We host research content in the Humanities and Social Sciences from some of the most important academic publishers in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal.
Whether you're looking for material on Philosophy, Art, Sociology, Architecture, Linguistics, Law, History, Economics, Literature, Psychology, Geography or Music, thousands of books, journals, chapters and articles are available, all in electronic format. Purchase entire works or the smaller contributions (chapters and articles) that interest you most.
With over 400 publishers already contributing content to the bookstore, and many more joining forces with us each year, is constantly updated with high-quality and interesting new titles, making it a valuable resource for students, researchers, academics, professionals and those simply wishing to widen their horizons.

Searching the bookstore

A number of features are available to help you refine results and find the best matches for your searches:
  • apply additional filters easily, using facets and breadcrumb navigation
  • sort results by relevance (default), author, title or publisher
  • view keyword in context and sample pages
  • consult tables of contents, title pages, colophons, abstracts and sample pages
  • navigate publications in their entirety or as chapters/articles
  • use the contextual menu to search external sources

User Experience

Fully searchable PDF files make documents easy to read and use. The item description outlines the usage permissions for each text. Options include copy and paste, printing and downloading in local copy. Please read this information carefully before purchasing.
In order to open PDF files purchased on Torrossa, Adobe Reader must be installed on the computer or device that you are using.
Create your own workspace to name and save searches and come back to them late. You can use the workspace to compile bibliographies and lists of citations and export them in a variety of formats or through some of the leading software applications for creating bibliographies.

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You can purchase texts securely using PayPal or credit card. You can also log in to your order archive, which lists your order history and contains the files purchased.